About Us

Phoenix Company is once again leading the way in animal nutrition

The Phoenix Company, located in California, has been leading the way in animal nutrition for over 20 years when we introduced Stabilized Rice Bran to the Equine industry. Once again we are revolutionizing the animal nutrition world with the next generation of products. Phoenix Renew products combine proprietary ingredients to support the immune system and digestive system. We are also committed to products that are made with Non-GMO ingredients. Our products also come with a satisfaction guarantee. Please contact us if you have questions about any of our products.

Our Mission

In a world that sees a new trend in animal health introduced every few months, the Phoenix Company continues to focus on the one thing that really matters, natural, whole system efficiency.

Using only Non-GMO ingredients, we strive to create advanced nutritional products that allow your animals to function at their genetic potential. No gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors, just the highest quality ingredients in truly unique formulations that actually fit the digestive system for maximum efficiency.

Don't feed your animals into trouble and then try to supplement them out of it. Nutrition designed to support health not complicate it. This is our company goal, and our company promise.