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Broken Pellets and Fine Material at the Bottom of Your Renew Gold™ Bag?

When some of the pellets break up in the bag the resulting material at the bottom of the bag is call “fines”.  Making a hard pellet that has minimal fines is not difficult if you add enough binding material. For visual appearance, this is typically what feed manufacturers do.  We took a different approach with Renew Gold™.

HYPP Positive Horses and Potassium Levels in Renew Gold™

The potassium level of Renew Gold is 1.5%.  Current research shows that HYPP positive horses benefit if a potassium level of 1% of the total diet can be maintained. That number limits many feeding options for effected horses. All grain based feed products will contribute some potassium to your horses diet.

Feeding Additional Supplements: What Stays and What Goes?

Good question. If you are feeding a coat conditioner, hoof conditioner, or probiotic, we generally faze those out as we use them up. It is also important to note that you will get better results from Renew Gold™ if you take any added oil out of the feeding program right away.

Ability to Reduce Hay Consumption While Feeding Renew Gold™

Q: Horse owners that feed Renew Gold often find that they can consequently feed less hay. It is well understood how owners can reduce other feeds, but what is the explanation for reducing hay as well?

Incorporating Renew Gold™ Into Your Feeding Program

We receive calls daily from customers asking how best to incorporate Renew Gold into their feeding program. To get the most out of Renew Gold, and the rest of your horses’ diet, you need to consider the entire feeding program, and what you are trying to accomplish.

Basic diet:

Renew Gold™: Feed or Supplement?

We are commonly asked if Renew Gold is a feed or a supplement. Interesting question, so let’s look at what the difference is when talking about equine nutrition.

What’s a feed?

What is "Cooler Energy"?

“Cooler Energy” refers to the calm reserves of useful stamina that can result from replacing high starch grain based feed with lower starch components that provide concentrated useable energy. By limiting grain ingredients in the ration, your horses digestive system can function in a more natural way.

Protein and the Total Nutritional Profile

How much additional protein to add to your horse’s diet is one of the most misunderstood topics that I encounter when discussing equine nutrition with horse owners. While most horse owners base the feed concentrate that they add to their horse’s roughage source (hay) on its protein level, many don’t really understand how that affects the total nutritional profile.