Ability to Reduce Hay Consumption While Feeding Renew Gold™

Q: Horse owners that feed Renew Gold often find that they can consequently feed less hay. It is well understood how owners can reduce other feeds, but what is the explanation for reducing hay as well?

A: How this works is simple. If the environment for digestion of a horse’s roughage improves, so does its efficiency. By eliminating large amounts of undigested grain in the hind gut the ph (acidity) remains more constant. This, along with the addition of the digestive aid that Renew Gold provides, makes an optimized environment where the hay that you feed can be properly and more completely utilized. This in turn means that you need less of it to meet your horse’s energy needs. Start with your normal hay ration, and modify as your horses condition dictates. You should see changes in top line and condition in two to three weeks. Most customers are seeing that they can back hay feeding down 10% or more.