Broken Pellets and Fine Material at the Bottom of Your Renew Gold™ Bag?

When some of the pellets break up in the bag the resulting material at the bottom of the bag is call “fines”.  Making a hard pellet that has minimal fines is not difficult if you add enough binding material. For visual appearance, this is typically what feed manufacturers do.  We took a different approach with Renew Gold™. In an effort to provide a pellet that was more efficient when fed, we intentionally made our pellets softer than other feeds. We feel a soft pellet has a better mouth feel for the horse, is more difficult for the horse to bolt down, can’t lodge in a horse’s throat, and breaks down faster in the horse’s digestive system. When we make a pellet this soft there will be some fine material in the bottom of the bag. That is Renew Gold too. Feed it just as you would the pellets. It is there for a reason.