How to Read Product Manufacturer Date

Reading the Production Date on Renew Gold Bags

Everyone would like to feed their horses the freshest diets possible. Every week customers call our office asking how to read the date of production that is present on every bag.
To confuse the issue, when Renew Gold packaging was changed to the new poly bags to better protect the product, the new bag company printed a date on the top white sewn tape strip of every bag showing the date that those bags were printed. This is not the date of manufacture of the Renew Gold in the bag, but rather the date the bag itself was made. You can imagine the confusion that this has caused in the stores when customers look at that date and assume that the product is already one year old.
In an effort to clear that confusion, here is a lesson on reading the actual production date on a bag of Renew Gold.


Image 1.



The first picture shows the date that the empty bag was printed as mentioned above. THIS IS NOT THE DATE OF RENEW GOLD PRODUCTION.
Every bag of Renew Gold is dated with a Julian Date on the day it is made. This information is located in one of two places on the bag. That location depends on which one of our production facilities produced that finished product


Image 2.

The second picture shows the “date code” sticker that is applied to Renew Gold manufactured on the West Coast. Only the first four numbers matter for dating this product. In this case those numbers are 1037. 103 represents the 103rd day of the year. The 7 represents the year, 2017. So a bag wearing this sticker was made on the 103rd day of 2017, which was April 13th, 2017


Image 3.

This third picture shows the manufacturing date as printed on the bottom white sewn tape strip of the Renew Gold bag. This format is used on Renew Gold manufactured for sale East of the Rocky Mountains, and through Tractor Supply Stores. The code shown here is 7047D. All bags using this format are coded slightly differently from those with a “date code” sticker by having the year represented first. A 7 for 2017. Next is the day of the year 047 for the 47th day of the year, which was Feb 16th. Finally, the D identifies the production plant. So, this bag of Renew Gold was made on Feb 16th 2017. 

We hope that understanding these date codes can assure you that only the freshest Renew Gold is fed to your horses. When in doubt about reading the production dates that are on every bag of Renew Gold, please feel free to call us and ask to decode the dates for you. We can be reached, toll free, at 855 377 3639.