HYPP Positive Horses and Potassium Levels in Renew Gold™

The potassium level of Renew Gold is 1.5%.  Current research shows that HYPP positive horses benefit if a potassium level of 1% of the total diet can be maintained. That number limits many feeding options for effected horses. All grain based feed products will contribute some potassium to your horses diet. The difference is that Renew Gold is fed at a low rate compared to other feeds so the total potassium contribution to the diet is only 7.1 grams per day. Remember, the issue is total dietary potassium, not just what is contributed by one ingredient in that total diet. In many cases, eliminating large volumes of other feed products with a smaller inclusion of Renew Gold can help lower the total potassium fed in the total diet. All HYPP horses require a close look at the entire diet. Before adding Renew Gold, or any product that contains potassium, to the diet of a HYPP horse a review of the entire program is recommended.