Incorporating Renew Gold™ Into Your Feeding Program

We receive calls daily from customers asking how best to incorporate Renew Gold into their feeding program. To get the most out of Renew Gold, and the rest of your horses’ diet, you need to consider the entire feeding program, and what you are trying to accomplish.

Basic diet:

Most horse owners do not have the luxury of permanent year-round pasture with a mixed roughage source for their horses to graze at their own pace. Instead, most horses live a somewhat confined life with food available in large quantities once or twice per day. An average performance horse diet commonly starts with several flakes of hay of some sort in the morning and evening.  Most horse owners feel that additional energy, beyond that provided by the hay will be needed. Therefore, some sort of grain based concentrate gets added to each feeding. Most feed manufacturers recommend between four and ten pounds of their grain concentrate. If the concentrate is palatable most horses will eat that first. This creates a most unnatural situation that greatly lowers efficiency of the entire digestive system.  In many cases horse owners feel that they now need additional support for horses that for some reason are not thriving. This is where the supplements start. Hoof conditioners, pro-biotics, ulcer treatments, coat conditioners, herbs, magic powders and enough bags, tubs and bottles in the tack room to fill every available corner and shelf. If one does not seem to work try, another one.

The Renew Gold point of view

Let’s take a look at this from the Renew Gold point of view.  The diet described above is inefficient because it simply does not fit in the horse’s digestive system in the way that horses evolved to convert their food into usable energy.  Take a step back, take a deep breath, and start over.

Some things can’t easily be changed. Most horses will continue to live in a relatively confined area and be fed once or twice per day. By limiting the concentrate portion of the ration with one pound of Renew Gold in place of four pounds of higher starch, grain based concentrate, a significant roadblock to efficiency of the system is eliminated. The benefits from such a change start at the stomach and continue to the small intestine and through to the hind gut. The result is that a smaller amount of concentrate can contribute more to the energy needs, and a fully functioning hind gut becomes more efficient in utilizing the major source of fed nutrition, the hay.  In some cases, less really is more. This is one of those cases. In almost every situation, changing to a Renew Gold diet is less expensive at the end of the month, and results in a bloom in condition and usable energy that can be seen with the use of one bag.

How much do I feed?

When planning a diet around Renew Gold, I like to use the one half pound per job rule. Living is a job.  Growing is a job.  Training/competing is a job. Pregnancy is job. High stress is a job. Using this as a rule, results in the following feed rates.

Adult horses in low use  ½ pound (living job)

Adult horses in training /competition 1 pound (living job, training job)

Growing horses in training / competition 1 ½ pound (living job, growing job, training job)

Brood mare 1 pound (living job, Pregnancy job)

Senior horse little or no use ½ pound (living job)

As you can see, once you identify the jobs that the horse is doing, figuring how to use Renew Gold in the diet is easy.

Is there ever a place for additional concentrates?

The potential problems in the digestive system that may result from high concentrate feeding does not mean that there is never a use for those types of concentrates at all. Once the entire system is running at its peak potential some horses may in fact benefit from a limited addition of grain based feed. This varies from horse to horse and also with hay quality. The difference, when combined at very low rates of one to two pounds with Renew Gold at recommended rates, is that the grain based concentrate is now efficiently digested higher in the digestive system rather than causing the disruption in the hind gut that can come from feeding it at higher rates. Additionally, the effect of that added feed is very predictable as far as energy production and behavior. This is because there is a direct effect from its use, not a rollercoaster of reactions that can come from overloading the system with starch that can’t possibly be used in a consistent beneficial way. Remember, undigested grain in manure has only been rented, not bought, and is a great indicator of how potentially disrupted the digestive system may be.

The answer is easier than it seems.

In the end, supporting healthy utilization of the entire diet you feed is easier than it seems.  Feed the best quality hay that you have access to, and then follow these simple steps.

(1) Assess how many jobs your horse has.

(2) Assign ½ pound of Renew Gold per Job

(3) Reduce or eliminate up to four pounds of grain based feed concentrate per pound of Renew Gold.

(4) If you have very poor hay and you still feel the need to feed some additional grain based concentrates, do not feed over 1 ½ pounds of it at any given feeding.

(5) Reduce or eliminate additional supplements for hoof condition, coat condition, and pro-biotics.

So, this is how it is done. It really can be that simple, cost effective and rewarding. Renew Gold™ carries a money back guarantee of satisfaction.