Protein and the Total Nutritional Profile

How much additional protein to add to your horse’s diet is one of the most misunderstood topics that I encounter when discussing equine nutrition with horse owners. While most horse owners base the feed concentrate that they add to their horse’s roughage source (hay) on its protein level, many don’t really understand how that affects the total nutritional profile.

Understanding the percentage of protein in a feed supplement seems to be a very confusing issue. Do I feed a 10% instead a 12%, a 12% instead of a 15%? Let’s take a look.

Where protein is concerned, the considerations should be total protein added to the diet, what proteins are actually provided, and what you are trying to achieve.  Renew Gold™ is 15% natural vegetable sourced protein. Is this too much if your horse seems to get along with a current product that is 10%, or 12%? Looking at the total amount that is contributed to the diet will give you a clearer picture of just what the true protein numbers are and what effect they will have on your horse.

One pound of Renew Gold provides 68 grams of quality, highly usable, vegetable-sourced protein. This would be a typical daily inclusion of Renew Gold in most horse’s diets.

One pound of a “Brand X”, you fill in the name, 10% protein grain-based feed concentrate provides 45 grams of protein. But, according to feed instructions typically found on their label, you will be told to feed four or five pounds, or more, of this product. If we take the lower number of four pounds, you are adding 180 grams of protein per day into your horse. Even if you only feed several pounds of a 10% feed, you are still adding almost 1/3 more total protein than you are with Renew Gold. As you can see, if you are concerned about too much total protein added in the diet, Renew Gold adds much less, even though the label guarantee per pound is higher.

If your goal in adding protein is meeting additional energy needs, we feel that there is a better way. Rather than rely on more added protein in your horses diet like most feed companies do, we designed Renew Gold to provide the type and amount of quality protein necessary in the diet to support tissue repair, healthy growth, and to help meet essential amino acid needs. Then, instead of more added protein as an energy source, Renew Gold provides additional cooler energy more efficiently by the inclusion of three sources of high quality, easily digestible natural vegetable fats. Additionally, Renew Gold’s digestive aid and light foot print in the system promotes an overall improvement of digestive efficiency.

Not relying on additional protein for energy support allows you to take high amounts of added feed out of the diet. Doing this has additional benefits. Less grain means lower total NSC numbers which, in turn, can lower colic risk, and moderate temperament. At the same time, Renew Gold supports a digestive system that can then function closer to how nature intended. Our goal in the end is better use of the roughage that your horse eats, improved efficiency and a consistent predictable energy level from one day to the next. All of this gives you a greater ability to adjust that energy level to your needs.

When you think about it, doesn’t this make more sense?