What is "Cooler Energy"?

“Cooler Energy” refers to the calm reserves of useful stamina that can result from replacing high starch grain based feed with lower starch components that provide concentrated useable energy. By limiting grain ingredients in the ration, your horses digestive system can function in a more natural way. Horses are grazing animals that evolved to consume high fiber, low starch and roughage as their primary source of nutrition. Many natural plant food sources also provide a significant amount of naturally occurring vegetable fat that the horses system readily identifies and utilizes for energy. What a horse did not naturally eat, was a large amount of mature grain. We humans decided that was a good idea, not the horse.

High levels of grain in a feeding program alter the effectiveness of the digestive system with little benefit in return. Supplementing with high starch feeds can elevate blood glucose levels resulting in what we commonly recognize as “grain high” or nervous excitability. This type of “hot energy” is rarely beneficial to the horse or the rider. Additionally, grain based rations, when fed in significant amounts, may pass through the upper part of the digestive system undigested to ferment in the hind gut.  The result is a new set of problems. Fermenting high starch grains can alter the environment that sustains a healthy population of beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria are necessary in the hind gut, and assist in breaking down the roughage that a horse has eaten for efficient digestion. Proper digestion of roughage is the most natural utilization of available nutrition.

So, what do you do to provide additional useful energy when more is needed than that provided by the hay?  The best answer is to provide an energy dense source of “Cooler Energy” with as little disruption to the natural function of the digestive system as possible. The Answer is Renew Gold™.