Feeding Program

Some Thoughts on Feeding

Supplementing your horses feeding program can be confusing at best, and downright intimidating at worst. What, other than hay, does my horse need? How much is too much? How much is not enough? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could provide an efficient, healthy program, and do so without wasting money and time? Perhaps you can.

Sticker Shock?

$30.00+  for a thirty pound bag???

Wow, can I afford Renew Gold™?

Seems like a lot, so let’s clear up a few misconceptions regarding just what it costs to feed Renew Gold, and how the price affects your feeding program.

Treating Through Feeding

It is truly amazing how the diagnoses and treatment of equine maladies has changed in recent years. Those of us who have been around longer than a horses full life span remember a time before the common horse owner used terms like PSSM, IR, EPM, and Cushing’s when describing their horses health. These conditions were certainly present, but usually classified under broader generic terms, and only really understood by their vet. To yesterday’s horse owner either the horse thrived and was healthy or it was a “hard keeper”.

What is Non-GMO All About?

Every day I have more and more people ask about the use of GMO ingredients in horse feeds. There is a lot of confusion about just what the term means, and if there is a real difference in how feed concentrates and pet foods are made. Here is some information to hopefully clear up the confusion.

Think About Your Horse's Teeth

It seems that there is a new horse feed or supplement launched into the market every week. Complete feeds, senior feeds, junior feeds, low starch feeds, performance feeds, and the list goes on and on. What many horse owners and feed companies fail to realize is that these feeds should not be your primary consideration when it comes to nutrition for your horse. Your main focus should be on your horses roughage source.  Whether it is hay, pasture or a combination of both, this is closer to what your horse evolved to use for energy.

Feeding the Horsemen's Re-Union Colts

The 2014 Horsemen’s Re-Union event in Paso Robles gave horse enthusiasts an opportunity to watch some of the world’s best horsemen and horsewomen take a two year old and a three year old horse from the halter to a comfortable start under saddle in six days. It never ceases to amaze me how comfortable these young horses can be with a human on their back when it is presented to them in the proper way.

HYPP Positive Horses and Potassium Levels in Renew Gold™

The potassium level of Renew Gold is 1.5%.  Current research shows that HYPP positive horses benefit if a potassium level of 1% of the total diet can be maintained. That number limits many feeding options for effected horses. All grain based feed products will contribute some potassium to your horses diet. The difference is that Renew Gold is fed at a low rate compared to other feeds so the total potassium contribution to the diet is only 7.1 grams per day. Remember, the issue is total dietary potassium, not just what is contributed by one ingredient in that total diet.

Feeding Additional Supplements: What Stays and What Goes?

Good question. If you are feeding a coat conditioner, hoof conditioner, or probiotic, we generally faze those out as we use them up. It is also important to note that you will get better results from Renew Gold™ if you take any added oil out of the feeding program right away. As for other supplements that are being used for specific structural issues like joint health and flexibility, we generally leave those in the program, though you may find that you can get by with a lower dosage.

Incorporating Renew Gold™ Into Your Feeding Program

We receive calls daily from customers asking how best to incorporate Renew Gold into their feeding program. To get the most out of Renew Gold, and the rest of your horses’ diet, you need to consider the entire feeding program, and what you are trying to accomplish.

Basic diet: