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Limiting Starch in Performance Horses

Win Wolcott

There are lots of different opinions today when it comes to added energy sources for performance horses...Is there an effective way to provide additional energy that suits the horse better? I believe that there is.

Some Thoughts on Feeding

Win Wolcott

Supplementing your horses feeding program can be confusing at best, and downright intimidating at worst...Let’s look at just what a horse is designed to use as nutrition, and what fits into the digestive system.

Treating Through Feeding

Win Wolcott

I once heard the story about a person who, trying to make a point about avoiding confusion, said “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify”. Upon hearing this, his mentor said, “I think one Simplify would have sufficed”.

How to Read Manufacture Dates on Renew Gold Bags

Win Wolcott

Everyone would like to feed their horses the freshest diets possible. Every week customers call our office asking how to read the date of production that is present on every bag.

Sticker Shocked?

Win Wolcott

Let’s clear up a few misconceptions regarding just what it costs to feed Renew Gold, and how the price affects your feeding program!