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Keeping Your Horse Warm: Tips for Blanketing Your Horse Effectively (University of Kentucky- Blanketing Horses: Do’s and Don’ts)

When the winter weather comes, our equine friends are naturally equipped to keep themselves warm. However, if you choose to blanket your horse, there are many options when picking which blanket, what temperature, horse’s age, living situation, etc.

It's important to consider the weight of the blanket. Heavier blankets are meant for colder temperatures, while lighter ones are best for chilly nights. It's also important to choose a blanket that fits your horse properly, as an ill-fitting blanket can cause discomfort and even become a hazard. The decision to blanket your horse should be based on their individual needs and circumstances. By taking the time to choose the right blanket and paying attention to your horse's behavior and comfort level, you can help ensure that they stay warm and healthy throughout the winter months.

When deciding whether to blanket your horse, consider their age and living situation. Older horses or horses with health issues may benefit from extra warmth, while horses living in a barn with plenty of shelter may not need to be blanketed as frequently as horses living outside.

When choosing a blanket, it's also important to consider the material. Some horses may be sensitive to certain fabrics or may need a waterproof blanket if they are prone to getting wet. It's always a good idea to invest in a high-quality blanket that will last for several winter seasons. Keep in mind that blanketing your horse should not be a substitute for proper nutrition and care. Horses need to consume enough hay and water to maintain their body heat, and should have access to shelter in case they need to escape extreme weather conditions.

Once blanketed, It's important to check your horse regularly to ensure their blanket is still fitting properly and not causing any issues. Horses can be very active in their pastures, and blankets may shift or become twisted, causing discomfort or even injury.

Overall, blanketing your horse during the winter can be a great way to help them stay comfortable and healthy. By considering all the factors involved and choosing the right blanket for your horse, you can ensure that they are well-protected throughout the colder months.

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