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The Answer - Renew Gold XTRA

Coming Soon to a Feed Store near you!

Horses that have the physical demands of frequent use often share the same management issues, no matter what their age is.

Performance Horses and Active Senior Horses commonly deal with high stress, both physically and mentally. Addressing this these challenges is the reason that the unique formulation of Renew Gold XTRA was developed.

First, Cool energy. This means a controlled starch and sugar level that allows a horse to deal with pressure without having to overcome the behavioral issues associated with feeding grain based feeds.

Lowering stress and high grain inclusions can minimize ulcer development. To further support this, Renew Gold XTRA has Calcite, seaweed derived calcium, to support gut comfort. Additional pre-biotic digestive support means that you horse’s digestive system actually has the ability to properly process and capture the nutrition that it has eaten.

Horses of any age that are in frequent use put tons of pressure on joints. Supporting joint health is another important job of Renew Gold XTRA.

When you put this all together in one bag that provides all these benefits without having to feed multiple supplements it becomes clear that Renew Gold XTRA is “The Answer” for active horses of every type.

Like every Renew Gold product, Renew Gold XTRA is a fully functional formula that contains no Corn, Soy, Wheat or fillers.

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