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 How does Renew Gold do so much with so little being fed?

This is the most often asked question that we get about how to get the most value out of your feeding program using Renew Gold. To answer this, it is important that you first understand just what a horse's digestive system really needs for optimum health.
Horses evolved to use roughage as their primary source of nutrition. This would be hay, pasture, or several other very high fiber low energy food sources that are consumed as the largest part of the daily diet. While lower in energy than grain, roughage is safely fed at much higher rates.This evolutionary journey did not include stops at the grain pile nor, in most cases, the mineral pile. The horse met its needs almost entirely by eating the roughage that was literally growing at their feet.
As we use horses for effort that requires more energy than the available roughage can provide we increase available nutrient energy by adding a higher calorie source of nutrition. In the past, that was commonly done by adding more energy dense hay, or with a commercial grain based feed. Better hay can often be all that is needed to meet additional energy needs. Usually a horse will thrive on better hay with no ill effects.Adding grain based feed, however, will create a disruption in the digestive system that can negatively affect proper digestion of the real source of nutrition, the roughage.
Since there was no place in nature where horses could eat more than a very small amount of high starch mature grain at one time, the horse did not evolve the ability to properly digest more than that small amount. That is how evolution works. Just because grain is high in energy and easy to get the horse to eat does not mean that it was ever meant to be in there. This is the same as using Nitro-methane racing gas in your family car's engine. Just because it is higher in energy does not mean that the engine in your car can use it without causing damage. High grain rations in horses cause damage.
It is as simple as that.So, what does this have to do with Renew Gold? Everything. One pound of Renew Gold can replace up to four pounds or more of grain based feed. That one pound of Renew Gold fits in the digestive system and is properly digested while supporting improved digestion of the roughage portion of the diet. This means more calories, vitamins and minerals are captured from the hay or pasture that the horse eats. Overall improved digestive efficiency is cost effective, safer, and healthier for the horse.

Is Renew Gold a Supplement, a Feed, or a Ration Balancer?

Renew Gold really does not fall directly into any of these categories. It is a direct grain replacer that allows the complete elimination of high starch grain based commercial feed from the horses diet.
While some customers add vitamin and mineral supplements to a diet with Renew Gold, if hay quality is good, this is usually not necessary because of the improved contribution of water soluble vitamins and minerals from the roughage due to the increased digestion efficiency that Renew Gold supports. We do have some customers that simply can’t stand the thought of taking all grain away from their horse.
If you wish to add that as a small treat, or it makes you feel better doing so, please go very lightly with it and let Renew Gold do the work for you and your horse.

What are the benefits to feeding Renew Gold?

Renew Gold costs less per month compared to conventional grain based feed, uses no vague ingredients, and improves overall efficiency of the horse by allowing the system to function naturally without overwhelming it with ingredients that it cannot properly digest.
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