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How to Read Manufacture Dates on Renew Gold Bags

Everyone would like to feed their horses the freshest diets possible. Every week customers call our office asking how to read the date of production that is present on every bag.

Every bag of Renew Gold is dated with a Julian Date on the day it is made. This information is located on the white sewn on strip that is on the bottom of every bag of Renew Gold or Renew Gold Senior.

The code shown below is 0326D. All bags using this format are dated by having the year represented first. A 1 for 2021 (1 FOR 2021, 2 FOR 2022, etc.)

Next is the Julian day of the year, 001 for January 1st , through 365 for December 31st. So, the example shown was made on the 326 day, which is November 22. Finally, the D identifies the production plant. So, this bag of Renew Gold was made on November 22, 2020 at our Dalton Ohio Plant.

We hope that understanding these date codes can assure you that only the freshest Renew Gold is fed to your horses. When in doubt about reading the production dates that are on every bag of Renew Gold, please feel free to call us and ask to decode the dates for you. We can be reached, toll free, at 855.377.3639.

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