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Sticker Shocked?

$30.00+ for a thirty pound bag???

Wow, can I afford Renew Gold™?

Seems like a lot, so let’s clear up a few misconceptions regarding just what it costs to feed Renew Gold, and how the price affects your feeding program.

Renew Gold is a very energy dense, low starch, ration balancing product that commonly replaces, or greatly reduces, a number of other commonly used feeds and supplements in your feeding program. Let’s suppose that you are feeding one of the popular “premium” grain based horse feeds on the market. Let’s say Brand X, (you fill in the name) costs $12.00 for a fifty pound bag. The label tells you to feed four to six pounds per day based on the weight of your horse, and level of use. Many feeds recommend much more, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and split the difference by feeding five pounds per day split into two feedings.

Your cost on this will be, at a minimum, $1.20 or more per day. This is certainly a very average scenario for many horse owners. In addition, you might add some flax, Rice Bran, or beat pulp to the program, let’s throw in some direct fed microbials, to try to get your horse to digest all this in a digestive system that was really not designed by nature to handle that much concentrate and you can easily have $3.00 to $5.00 or more per day into the feeding program without considering what you are paying for hay.

What do you get for this? We feel that you get a system that is overburdened with concentrate and starch, a hit and miss level of efficiency in digesting your hay, and a lot of the nutrition that you paid for on the ground behind your horse. Take a hose to the manure and see how much undigested feed is in there. Now let’s look at Renew Gold. Feeding one pound per day costs 93 cents. This provides concentrated energy in a package that fits in the horses digestive system while providing real support to hind gut efficiency to better utilize your hay. No additional, or greatly reduced, feeds, No additional Flax, no additional Rice Bran, no additional beat pulp, no additional pro-biotics. The result? No starch overload to disrupt hind gut function, no grain high, cooler usable energy, and a higher level of natural efficiency throughout the entire digestive system. Guaranteed. This is sound science and sound nutrition from horse people for horse people.

If your goal is a comprehensive feeding program that makes usable energy without stressing your horse’s digestive system, you will get more for your feed dollar with Renew Gold.

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