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Renew Gold Senior - Not Just for Old Horses!

Win Wolcott

There is a lot of confusion about just what Renew Gold Senior formula is, and how best to put it to use in your horses- Let us clear some things up!

Renew Gold Cost Comparision

Win Wolcott

Renew Gold saves money compared to grain based feeds because of the low, one pound, daily amount fed compared to grain based feeds that require 4 pounds per day or more. 

Managing Feed Costs

Win Wolcott

You can’t watch the news at night without seeing something about the current surge in inflation. This has affected everything that we touch, buy and use today. Our feeding programs have felt the full force of the upward surge in the price of just about everything in the last year.

Why is Diatomaceous Earth in Renew Gold?

Win Wolcott

We have been getting some comments and some concern (mostly on the EPM facebook site) about the inclusion of Diatomaceous Earth in Renew Gold. This is a confusing issue in feeds, so, I thought it would be a good idea to explain why and how much we use it in our formulation.